This Infinite Closet – Houston TX

This Infinite Closet

This Infinite Closet is an improv troupe of students, alumni & instructors from Houston’s Station Theater that specializes in the Bat – a surreal form of improv in the dark. In a Bat performance, the lights are turned off and the audience is asked to close their eyes as performers create vocal landscapes, transcend boundaries of time and space. A BAT is only hindered by the boundaries of imagination.


This Infinite Closet has trained with the form’s creator Joe Bill (Annoyance Theatre and iO Chicago) but found a unique voice in their version of a Bat. TIC’s style is playful while maintaining the key Bat elements of sound effects & musicality. This Infinite Closet was selected Best Original Comedy at the 2013 Houston Fringe Festival. TIC has also performed at Houston Improv Festival and Trill Comedy Festival.