The Mockumentalists


After watching Bernie and several episodes of Summer Heights High, Matt Graham thought: Hey, we could do this live. Matt met up with fellow Station Theater faculty member, Steven Saltsman for Thai food and said, “Hey, you know those Christopher Guest movies? We could do improv shows like that.”   Matt and Steven cast their show with students and alumni of Station Theater Houston’s long form improv conservatory. The Mockumentalists were officially formed in the Summer of 2013. During early rehearsals, the troupe, utilized Saltsman’s amazing brain to create a format with its own unique, efficient editing devices.   The Mockumentalists make all sorts of documentaries: biographies, phenomenal investigations, event coverage, war correspondence, success stories, educational programs, etc. If it is a noun, they can do a show about it.   The troupe uses interview style monologues to introduce characters and setting. Subsequent scenes are intercut with more interviews.

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