The Laser Improv Show – Chicago IL

The Laser Improv ShowThe concept of Laser Improv was originally explored in the spring of 2011 when Chris Fair was working for his brother’s laser reactive, clothing company,

Chris had the idea for a show that used more than just words and body language to tell a story. He booked his first show at his friend’s “Artsy” showcase for out of the ordinary performances and quickly built the set, formed a group and found a coach, Amanda Rountree, who helped shape the show of how it is today. Chris has been artistic director while solo performing The Laser Improv Show since late 2011 when his group had scheduling conflicts. Since then, the show’s set up has been upgraded and so has its style to adhere to Chris’s love of design and photography.

Watching The Laser Improv Show is just like listening to an audio book while watching a comic book being drawn one frame at a time. As the drawings fade, new ones appear and comedy is all in the details.