The Festival Thus Far

T&AIf you missed the hilarious comedy over the last two nights, you still have one more opportunity TONIGHT.

Here are some highlights of what has happened so far:

  • T & A performed the knockout punch in the opening show of the festival to win the Beta Bracket Duos competition, taking home $1500.
  • Can’t Tell us Nothing wrapped up Thursday night with conversations in a bordello where the strippers are storytellers and the johns are writers.
  • On Friday night MAX took us to the enchanted land of the Cheese Queen and we watched her tragic downfall in the wake of a cattle shortage.
  • ImprovTheMusical

    The corrupting influence of Community Theater in Improv! the Musical.

    Sand wowed the crowd with the story of a tragic ne’er do well who’s life slides into hysterically tragic situations after he fails to build a lego ferris wheel for his son’s science project.

  • Improv! The Musical took us to a small town where the youth are corrupted by a wicked gang of community theater performers, and an old man who has given up on his dreams finally rekindles a love affair with his high school sweetheart, and current Mayor of the town.
  • George Lusk finished out the Friday late-night show with the hysterical bumblings of a drunk gentlemen as he attempts to come to grips with his mortality.

Don’t miss the great comedy tonight as we wrap up this year’s Houston Improv Festival at The MATCH.