The Executive Branch – Chicago IL

The Executive BranchThe Executive Branch is a high-energy improv troupe that doesn’t just talk. They go there. They know how to yell, jump on each other, and kiss, but they also know how to slow it down and be tender. Let’s hear it for the boys. Right?

Cam Dupre is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and is a combat veteran who spent 4 years in the United States Marine Corps Infantry. Don’t sneak up behind him unless you are on stage and a member of The Executive Branch and even then it’s a bit tricky. He has a background in standup comedy and improv, so watch out for his extensive arsenal of jokes as well as firearms. Seriously, don’t ever try to break into his apartment. There used to be another member of the troupe. Get the picture?

Scott Lowe is from Houston and is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory. He has been performing improv for several years both in Texas and all over Chicago, and now he’s ready to steal your heart. With hilarity! He makes big bold moves on stage, and he’s tall. Which is nice.

Chris Savell is a graduate of the iO Training Center. Originally from Texas, Chris grew up in Tennessee. He’s super smart, super funny, and he loves the Simpsons. Did I mention he’s a Texan/Tennesseean? The South shall rise again. In Chris’ underwear!

Lane Ingram is the other Texan in the troupe. He’s from Dallas and is a graduate of UT Austin. He’s been performing for several years, doing things like improv, sketch, and even a little standup. Watch his videos. He seems to think they’re funny. He loves barbecue, his wife and has an irrational fear of carrot cake due to a childhood incident.

Trevor Dowd is adorable. Enough said. Oh, and he’s from Green Bay, Wisconsin and is the only non-southerner in The Executive Branch. He likes to preach to the rest of the boys about the values of literacy, sex education, and something he calls the Vince Lombardification of America. He’s cute, young, and super talented with several years of longform and shortform improv experience under his belt.

So there you have it. A bio about The Executive Branch. Follow them on Facebook, see their shows, book them for shows and/or dates, and leave the rest to them. The Executive Branch is ready to declare war without the approval of congress! Figuratively speaking, I think.

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