Thank you Houston for a great HIF 2015!

This has been such a crazy whirlwind of a weekend. I’m still taking in everything from the Houston Improv Festival. New friendships, new skills, stronger bonds with friends & colleagues, sharing more of ourselves than we ever thought possible… I cried more this weekend than I’ve cried in a long time – and I loved every minute of it. I witnessed improvisers taking big risks & creating beautiful, messy, emotional art. I can’t mention everyone for fear of leaving people out but know that I appreciate and admire each & every one of you. Especially the two men who started their improv journey at HIF. So brave!

This year’s line-up was amazing! I was proud of the shows my troupes Space Mutt and This Infinite Closet put up. I was honored to be invited to perform with Dan Grimm, Tina Jaxling & Todd Boring as Belmont Transfer Texas. I’ve never felt so connected to people with whom I’ve had little to no playing experience.

I watched my girl Dianah Dulany as the guest on the Improv Nerd podcast. I explored a deeper, raw, more emotional and darker playing style thanks to Jimmy Carrane. I learned how punch David Toscano, slap Steven Angel Hair Saltsman, Anthony Garcia & Jamie Meeks and learned to choke Autumn Clack, which turned into a Buffy & Spike fan girl fantasy. It’s not as weird as it sounds. Or maybe it is. Whatever. It’s improv and I’m ‪#‎TeamSpike‬.

I found that there are a lot of improvisers like me in our community that want to play hard, play real, play emotionally – and even play dark. I pushed myself and said yes where I would have cowered away last year. I’ve truly found the joy in improv again. I want to play more. Play harder.

Now that the marketing is over, the tickets are sold, the shows and workshops are over – I could not be more proud of our production team. Todd Boring, Dianah Dulany & Jeromy Barber – we did it!! Thank you to all the performers, instructors, volunteers, attendees & everyone who made this possible. Houston has a truly amazing improv community.



-Jessica Brown

Co-Producer, Houston Improv Festival