Spotlight on: Standards

Standards-CastStandards is a long-form improv troupe hailing from Houston, Texas that features the talents of Kelly Juneau, Katy Manning, Jim Meyers, Christopher Oddo, and Bret Whitacre. Standards has performed at Trill Comedy Festival, The New Movement Megaphone Marathons in Austin, as well as at the Hideout Theatre in Austin.

While the members of Standards went through similar improv training, they each bring something unique to the table and complement each other in special ways.

Kelly Juneau has many credits to her name. She produces Station Theater’s variety show, the Nocturnal Amusement Hour, as well as a Valentine’s Day special called “Faking It”. She trained at The New Movement and performs at Station Theater regularly with Vaudeprov, Standards and more.

Katy Manning is a member of Station Theater’s graduating class, Sorry Mom. Katy regularly performs with her troupes​ Standards, SMH and Red Hot Mamas, in addition to serving as Show Coordinator for Station. Katy has performed both improv and standup at the Trill Comedy Festival. Katy was the winner of the first official CHOKE: A Comedy Game Show and is co-creator of lip synch contest SynCHRONization. Katy is also a folk vocalist who has performed at popular music venues across Texas.

Jim Meyers
Jim is a graduate of The New Movement Comedy Conservatory. Jim teaches Level 2 Long-form Improv at Station Theater, and he has long taught Station Theater’s free Level 0 class, introducing many to the wonderful world of improv. Jim currently performs with the Supernova Armando, Standards, The Red Hot Mamas, and Like-Minded People. Jim is also a musician, playing with the band Some Birds.

Christopher Oddo is a notable stand-up comedian in Houston. He produced and hosted his own monthly show, 20/20/20, where he brought in comics who deserved longer sets and gave them a venue for strengthening their already promising skills. Christopher is also a member of one of Houston’s finest improv troupes, Rogue. When he’s not making you laugh, you can catch Christopher playing bass with his garage band, Mikie and the Drags.

Bret Whitacre graduated from Station Theater in the class troupe Sorry Mom. Bret is also a stand up comedian who thrives on the absurd. When he’s not improvising with Standards, Bret performs at venues and open mics all around Houston.


We asked Standards the following questions:

If your troupe were a comic or sci-fi team, what would be your universe?

Our universe would be a post-apocalyptic carnival.


What is your origin story?

I’m not sure if this is supposed to be related to the first question or if it’s serious. Jim and Kelly had spoken about starting a new troupe for a while. After Chris jumped on board, they saw Katy and Bret’s class, Sorry Mom, perform and approached us to join them. Eventually we became Standards.


Do you have any troupe rituals to prepare for a show?

Warm ups like adjective, adjective, name really help us get prepped for our opening, which is character-heavy. We also love a high-energy one called sound + gesture. Kelly also stretches a lot, and Katy does lots of cartwheels.


What are you most looking forward to about this year’s festival?

We are most looking forward to the awesome line up of all the fine folks y’all have performing!


Check out Standards Thursday, April 16th at this year’s Houston Improv festival!

Ticket information here!