Spotlight on: Max

Beta TheaterBeta Theater was established in 2013 with the core value of incubating world class talent in Houston. Right out of the gate they formed Max, a house improv troupe gathering some of the strongest performers in town.


We asked Max the following questions:


If your troupe were a comic or sci-fi team, what would be your universe?

I think MAX is deep into the story of several different superheroes from different universes who have chosen to align to for the greater good of mankind.


What is your origin story?

Similar to how orphans find their way to an orphanage, MAX was formed out of the disfunction of a broken society.


Do you have any troupe rituals to prepare for a show?

Before our rehearsals, we like to walk down to the gas station and buy beer and cigarettes.  Then we walk back.  It’s our only ritual thus far.


What are you most looking forward to about this year’s festival?
MAX is looking forward to getting really medicated with a lot of new folks.


Check out Max Thursday, April 16th at this year’s Houston Improv festival!

Ticket information here!