Spotlight on: Flirt Reynolds

FlirtReynoldsCastFlirt Reynolds is what happens when four theatre majors get together and do improv. Collectively, they have trained and played at such theaters as iO, CSz Houston, Second City, University of Houston, and UCB Hollywood. We have also reached out past Houston playing at the Out of Bounds Comedy Fest, Hideout Theatre, and the College Improv Tournament. We love to play.

Max is George.
Vic is Ringo.
Brendon is Paul.
Robert is John.


We asked Flirt Reynolds the following questions:

If your troupe were a comic or sci-fi team, what would be your universe?

Definitely the “Boogie Nights” universe.


What is your origin story?

Four young film makers discovered their talents best suit the adult industry. A sound man, a camera man, a key grip and a best boy.


Do you have any troupe rituals to prepare for a show?

We like listening to Demon Days by the Gorillaz or freestyle rapping.


What are you most looking forward to about this year’s festival?

Partying with other improvisers, duh!


Check out Flirt Reynolds Saturday, April 18th at this year’s Houston Improv festival!

Ticket information here!