Spotlight on: Baby Knuckle

BabyKnuckleCastBaby Knuckle is a four man longform improv comedy troupe out of Houston, Texas. Together they will form a completely improvised 20-30 minute Harold-esque playground, kicking it off with an organic free form opening and exploring that connected universe with richer than rich characters that you care for and fear, stories you must hear, and laughs your belly craves. Nothing is as pure as a Baby Knuckle.

Members include: Ryan Bradley Heine, Adam Pecht, Nate Suurmeyer, and Chad Minchew. Former member Hubie Fix has retired and has his hands full with a beautiful daughter who incidentally, has baby knuckles. Ryan, Adam, and Nate met as part of Houston’s Massive Improv and Rogue Improv theater groups. Chad’s roots are with Comedy Sportz Houston.

Ryan began studying and performing improv with Houston’s Massive Creativity in 2005. From 2006 to 2009, he studied and performed at Improv Olympic (IO) West in Los Angeles, where he formed Kick Drum Decade, a nineteen (19) time Main Stage Cage Match Champion. Ryan returned to Houston in 2009 where he served as a director, instructor, and performer with Massive Improv and Rogue Improv through 2011. Adam is a graduate of Trinity University’s drama program and helped co-found Trinity’s First Time Offenders improv comedy troupe. He also studied and performed with Massive Improv and Rogue Improv from 2008 through 2011. Nate has a great resume in addition to performing with Massive and Rogue Improv but wants to save a detailed description as a short oral presentation at show time. Chad is a veteran of ComedySportz Houston with countless performances under his belt as part of Ampersand and Epilogue HD.


We asked Baby Knuckle to answer the following questions:


If your troupe were a comic or sci-fi team, what would be your universe?

Howard the Duck


What is your origin story?

We met by chance at a Jordache audition after the casting director declared us all “too white for America”…. Ryan, Adam and Nate and the now retired Hubie Fix met while performing with Massive / Rogue Improv in the summer of 2009, and later went on to form Baby Knuckle in the fall of 2011.  Chad from Comedy Sportz joined the crib in 2013 after being set up with Ryan for a two man show a few months earlier.


Do you have any troupe rituals to prepare for a show?

One by one we go up to a poster of Lamar Odom, make eye contact, and say “Thanks Lamar,” but then flip him off when he’s not looking… No formal warm ups or rituals.  We talk in a circle and just hang out.  Right before show time, we do fists bumps and in a baby voice say, “pound it, pound it”.


What are you most looking forward to about this year’s festival?

Seeing our dads come home on work release…. Just playing again in the festival and watching our improv friends do their thing as well.  It’s a fantastic performance space.



Check out Baby Knuckle Friday, April 17th at this year’s Houston Improv festival!

Ticket information here!