The Houston Improv Festival promotes and sponsors shows at various venues throughout the Houston area.  For details on current show and workshop locations, see our Location page.

Houston Improv Festival

Houston Improv FestivalOur signature show in April launched in 2012.  It hosts teams from Houston and around the country for a four day improvised extravaganza.  Past shows have included troupes from Chicago, LA and New York.

Performances from a variety of troupes fill the evenings.  Workshops with some of the best improvisers in the country are offered during the day.  Past workshops have featured instruction from Joe Bill of the Annoyance Theater and IO Chicago, Jill Bernard of ComedySportz Milwaulkee and HUGE Theater, and Holly Laurent and Jet Eveleth of IO West in Los Angeles.


Past Shows:


The End of Improv – 12.21.12

End of ImprovThe Improv Apocalypse, 12.21.12

While the Mayans appear to have been a little off on their world ending predictions, the combined talents of Phortasics, Glaundor, Baby Knuckle and Ophelia’s Rope  were nothing short of cataclysmic.

This one night only show featured some of the best improv Houston has to offer.  Glaundor went on to win the College Improv Tournament finals in Chicago that following year.  An epic show, and the best part is we all survived to tell the tale.



FemProvFall Femme Fest 10.20.2012

Veteran improvisers Autumn Clack and Ruth Shauberger returned once again to headline as Ophelia’s Rope in Houston Improv Fest’s all female tour de force.

Joining them from Austin, Texas were Nicole Oliver, Cat Drago and Ashley Jayne Carlisle in Catalyst, and Madeline Chauvin, Ashley Lowe, Regina Soto of The Better Half.  Regina Soto went on to perform with Ice Scream Sandwich in HIF 2013 & 14.  Executive Producer, Todd Boring, hosted the show in a dress.  He doesn’t want to talk about it.


 One Hot Summer Night

One Hot Summer NightSummer Show 7.21.2012

Featuring three Houston teams and a combo with Todd Boring, One Hot Summer Night served up some steamy improv in more ways than one.  (Yeah, we realize the Air Conditioning was a little on the weak side.)