Show Schedule

THURSDAY, APRIL 28 – 7PM – Buy TicketsBeta Bracket Duos

THURSDAY, APRIL 28 – 9PM  –  Buy Tickets FRIDAY, APRIL 29 – 7PM  –  Buy Tickets FRIDAY, APRIL 29 – 9PM  –  Buy Tickets
  • Max  (Houston, TX)
  • SAND  (Chicago, IL)
FRIDAY, APRIL 29 – 11PM  –  Buy Tickets SATURDAY, APRIL 30 – 7PM  –  Buy Tickets

(Family show – ages 12+)

SATURDAY, APRIL 30 – 9PM  –  Buy Tickets SATURDAY, APRIL 30 – 11PM  –  Buy Tickets

Some Highlights:

We’ve added a family-friendly show on Saturday, April 30 at 7:00pm. Performers in this show will keep the content rated PG, allowing audiences ages 12 and up to enjoy live improvised comedy.

We’ve also added late-night shows at 11pm on Friday and Saturday.  The content of these shows is intentionally more tailored to a late-night crowd.

Tickets and festival passes will go on sale mid-March.  Workshops will be announced soon and go on sale mid-March  as well.  All shows except the closing Improv JAM will be at The MATCH, 3400 Main St.  For more details, check our Locations page.