Ladies Nite

Ladies Nite is one of Beta Theater’s newest house teams.     They chose the name ‘Ladies Nite’ because a) they love the song and b) they thought that if “Ladies Nite at Beta Theater” was written on the posters for their shows, more people would show up. And it’s worked so far!     Ladies Nite performs mixtape and montage long-form style improv.… Read more →

Flirt Reynolds

Flirt Reynolds is Max Holkan, Brendon Duran, and Vic Shuttee. These professional improvisers take the stage with nothing more than a single word from the audience and create a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the perfect balance of smarts and hearts. Flirt Reynolds has trained all over the country including, The Second City, UCB, iO Theatre and ComedySportz Houston. Max graduated with… Read more →

Let’s Eat

Let’s Eat performs a family dinner style monoscene. The troupe was formed out of a workshop covering an abridged version of the form. Amechi, Jessica and Laura were all present and all really enjoyed the slower exploration of what it means to be a family. They brought on Antoine to complete the power quartet and have been performing together ever… Read more →

Improvised Singing

WORKSHOP CANCELED The improvised singing workshop will focus on teaching how to incorporate songs in to an improvised musical set. The class will get a 101 style breakdown of stereotypical songs found in musicals and help layout a formula that can help improvisors understand themes and ideas that will be helpful when making up songs on the spot. There will… Read more →

Can’t Tell Us Nothing

Can’t Tell Us Nothing is a group inspired by Kanye West. That means we’ve got opinions and you’re gonna hear them. Follow our characters down rabbit holes in our fast-paced improv shows. Our genius can’t be defined or contained. And just when you think you’ve seen our best…Hold Up!….We’ll create something even better. Read more →

Baby Knuckle

Baby Knuckle

Baby Knuckle is a five man longform improv comedy troupe out of Houston, Texas. Together they will form a completely improvised 20-30 minute Harold-esque playground, kicking it off with an organic free form opening and exploring that connected universe with richer than rich characters that you care for and fear, stories you must hear, and laughs your belly craves. Nothing… Read more →

A Penny Dreadful

A Penny Dreadful presents improvised narratives in the style of the Gothic Horror genre. The cast takes the stage to the Toccata and Fugue. We then take a suggestion — “Imagine a spooky mansion. What sort of rooms would be in such a place?” — which then spurs the show. The story focuses on love being threatened, one of the… Read more →



Crumbsworth is a group of Houston improvisers from Station Theater performing an improv favorite form, “The Slacker”. In the Slacker, tag-outs are used to transition to new scenes, but at least one character from each scene always transitions into the following scene. It’s fun! Crumbsworth formed in 2015 and prides themselves on having a Matthew Mcconaughey appearance in approximately 9… Read more →

Beta Bracket Duos

Beta Bracket Duos – Finals

This year the festival opens with the Improv Duos finals.  Beginning in February, improv teams of two have been competing on Thursday nights for the honor of facing off in the finals at the Houston Improv Festival.  At the beginning 24 teams signed up to compete.  Every Thursday night for the last several months two groups faced off and one… Read more →