T&A burst onto the Houston improv comedy scene in 2013. Tandiwe Kone, a native Houstonian and Amy Grisbee, a native of Essex Junction, Vermont met at an improv intensive held byThe New Movement Theater in the summer of 2012. Their styles were very complimentary and they enjoyed playing together immensly. After playing with other troupes, they decided to form T&A.… Read more →



This two-gal sketch show is inspired by a real life “Relationship Red Flag” provided by an audience member. LAURELLY then launches the audience through a whirlwind roller coaster of story lines and crazy characters. One minute, they may be playing a sweet father/daughter scene, and the next minute they’re playing every member of a high school band marching to halt… Read more →

Newport Hounds

The Newport Hounds have quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the most infamous indie groups of the Chicago Improv Scene. Tom Fell, Matt Lusk, and Luke Null are three classically trained improvisers who are known for their cavalier, raucous style of play while wearing their hearts on their sleeves and emotionally committing to everything on stage. One… Read more →

Trek Wars

Trek Wars is a narrative long form improv group that creates an episode of a Science Fiction TV Show right before your eyes. Inspiration is pulled from science fiction and fantasy. Join the “intrepid” crew of the Starship Arugula as they do battle with Aliens, Space Anomalies, and Evil Robots hopefully finding out that what they really needed was in… Read more →

The Mockumentalists

After watching Bernie and several episodes of Summer Heights High, Matt Graham thought: Hey, we could do this live. Matt met up with fellow Station Theater faculty member, Steven Saltsman for Thai food and said, “Hey, you know those Christopher Guest movies? We could do improv shows like that.”   Matt and Steven cast their show with students and alumni of… Read more →

George Lusk

George Lusk is the improv combo of Caleb George & Matt Lusk. Both are originally from Houston, Texas.  Graduates of the University of Houston and long time Comedysportz Houston Favorites.   They are the 2015 Chicago Dual Duel champions for best improv duo. They play intensely emotionally gauged improv with hyper observance to game. Caleb George is the training center director… Read more →

History Under the Influence

Inspired by the popular series Drunk History, a group of sober improvisers try to keep up with an extremely drunk narrator in “History Under the Influence.”   The troupe narrator, Kevin, spends a couple of hours before the show getting completely hammered, and then stumbles onstage and asks the audience for a historical event they’d like to see performed. The resulting… Read more →

Improv! The Musical

Improv!  The Musical is CSz Houston’s latest improvised creation.  Their team of hand-picked singing improvisers began an intensive process last Fall and have been headlining the CSz Houston stage since February.  Taking as a suggestion the name of a musical that has never been written, they improvise storyline, dialog, and yes – Music and Choreography!  The result is hilarious and… Read more →


Sand is Scott Nelson, and Michael Brunlieb.  Both trained at the major improv theaters in Chicago, but the group formed independently after a few years of rehearsing on their own.  Jimmy Carrane calls them the best improv troupe performing in Chicago today.  As evidence of that, they were named best improv troupe 2015 by New City Magazine.   Their improv-format… Read more →


MAX performs high energy, thoughtful scenes within a Mixed Tape format, the troupe has headlined shows at MATCH, BETA and performed for countless audience members. Formed a year ago as the premiere house troupe of BETA theater, Antoine Culbreath, Hoja Lopez, Traci Thiebaud, Shannan Scarselletta, Liz Stockdale and Billy Trim are seasoned improvisers with unique perspectives on the world and… Read more →