Padded Cell – Houston TX

Padded CellPadded Cell (PC) is a fast-paced and eclectic show featuring the talent of three of Houston’s finest performers. Using their collective experience, the members of PC combine the quick wit and high energy of short form improvisation with the theme building and character journeys of long form improvisation creating worlds that blend at the edges, shifting among comedy and tragedy; farce and drama; or children’s viewing and suspense-thriller. A PC show is one that’s sure to deliver strong object work, high emotional stakes, and a variety of colorful characters- both bright and dark. Shows often deal with the supernatural or the less-than-understood nature of man.

If you would like to contact Padded Cell, simply pick at a point on the wall while mumbling incoherently to yourself – pepper with sudden, violent outbursts. Or contact us through Station Theater or the National Improv Network. Either way works.