Ophelia’s Rope – Houston TX

Ophelia's Rope

Brace yourself! Ophelia’s Rope, though newly assembled, comes backed with extensive experience in theatre, improv, dancing, singing, TV and film, and athleticism, so you know this has got to be good. Members Autumn Clack and Ruth Shauberger McCleskey both boast extremely intensive training in theatre and the performing arts.


Take Clack, for instance. She majored in Acting at Adelphi University in New York, and coupled it with a minor in Dance, emphasis on ballet and modern styles. After, she attended London Dramatic Academy where she dove deep within the world of Shakespeare. Additionally, Clack has acquired skills in stage combat, pointe dance, aerial, dialect detection, and choreography, making her a multi-threat onstage- especially while next to McCleskey, a very suitable improv partner, indeed.


McCleskey graduated magna cum laude at the University of Houston, where she scored her BA in Theatre, emphasis on Acting and Directing. Since, she has continued learning in the fields of acting, improv, stage combat, TV and film production, and dancing in the forms of two-step, swing, tango, waltz, plus several more. So she’s no stranger to partner performances.


In fact, this duo seems to thrive in improv, and it all started in 2005 when they joined Massive Improv. There they participated on multiple teams, taking them to Austin, Chicago, San Francisco. Eventually, though, both Clack and McCleskey drifted from Massive Improv and it wasn’t until some time later that both heard the stage beckoning them to return to improv. And thus, Ophelia’s Rope was born!


The team has participated in the Houston Improv Festival, the Austin Out of Bounds Festival, ComedySportz, Boston Comedy Arts Festival and is now ready to conquer more. These two actresses know the improv scene well, and that is precisely why Ophelia’s Rope is able to deliver a fresh thought provoking laughter-filled performances that are guaranteed to lasso your attention.

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