MATCH is the Place

The last few weeks I’ve been crawling around backstage @MATCHouston.  I can hardly wait until Thursday to show it off to our audience and our performers.  As improvisers most of us are used to performing in a poorly lit corner of the backside of some bar room.  The MATCH is state of the art, an intimate setting with comfortable seating.

Recently I was talking to one of our patrons about how at past festivals we had to pack in our own toiletries.  (yeah, we did that)  We had to take shifts on opening the men’s bathroom to the ladies because the lines would back up for 20 minutes.  Did I mentione that the potties at the MATCH are really nice?  I mean, they are no Buc-ee’s, but who can possibly attain to that standard?

The festival this week is going to be a blast.  We’ve got some of the best improv comedic talent in Houston, Austin and from all over the country coming in.  We’ve got an awesome venue at the MATCH.  Terrific workshops at Station Theater.  Don’t miss it.