Let’s Eat


Let’s Eat performs a family dinner style monoscene. The troupe was formed out of a workshop covering an abridged version of the form. Amechi, Jessica and Laura were all present and all really enjoyed the slower exploration of what it means to be a family. They brought on Antoine to complete the power quartet and have been performing together ever since. As a troupe, Let’s Eat focuses on well-developed characters and exploring relationships within the world and with each other. Their shows often build as they organically discover things within the single scene, and they are always pushing themselves to discover new ways in which families interact.


Jessica Thompson Falla has been performing in the Houston area for two years. She is a Station Theater graduate and has gone on to perform with a number of groups, including several house teams:  Teachable Moments and A Spike Lee Joint. Jessica is not afraid to tackle taboo subjects in thoughtful and empathetic ways.


Laura Helmers started her improv career in 2008 at Purdue University’s Improv Club. She has been lucky enough to work with many talented performers from all over the country. She loves to play with whimsy, joy and compassion. Laura has performed across the country in festivals including the Twin Cities Improv Festival, the California Comedy Festival and Trill Comedy Festival.


Amechi Ngwe has been performing for two and a half years. In addition to improv, he is also a published writer and is active within the sketch comedy scene in Houston. Amechi performs with a variety of troupes including Teachable Moments, Can’t Tell Us Nothing and 2H Club.


Antoine WB is a Station Theater graduate as of December 2011. He has performed with a variety of troupes since, including several house troupes, Can’t Tell Us Nothing, 2H Club and Space Mutt.