IT IS FINISHED!After 4 days of shows, workshops and parties, #HIF2016 is finally done.  Thanks to everyone who braved the stormy weather, the thick traffic and the never ending construction to join us for some of the best improvised comedy shows in our 5 year history.  The energy and generosity of our audience this year was infectious.  Time and time again performers shared how much love they felt from all of you.  Thank you Houston.

Major love to our great instructors who worked with 60+ improvisers to share their skills.  Big shout outs to our out of towners:  Mike Brunlieb and Scott Nelson, Kevin Miller, Kelly Vrooman and Lauren Pritchard.  You inspired us and enriched our community this weekend.

Special thanks to all of our guest performers from out of town:  A Penny Dreadful, History Under the Influence, Sand, George Lusk, Newport Hounds, Laurelly, What About a Reuben, and the various transplanted members of Glaundor.  Thank you for sharing your love of this artform with our growing improv community.

Finally, our undying gratitude goes out to all of those whose efforts behind the scenes made this year’s festival a success:  Brian Greenwood, Alex Oriani, Amechi Ngwe, Laura Helmers, TJ Combs, Jessica Vance, Jade Michele, and Zach Schulte.


From the Houston Improv Festival leadership team:  Todd Boring, Jessica Brown, Benji Cooksey, and Hoja Lopez.  See you all next year!