Improv Inspired by Taylor Swift

TSI’ve been a closet Taylor Swift fan since her early days – okay, yeah, I just turned 44 last week. I graduated from High School the year she was born. Regardless, I have a lot of admiration for her as an artist – especially as a song writer.

Songs like “Invisible,” “Our Song,” and “Tim McGraw” are ones that I initially connected with and converted me to a fan. I grew up a geeky kid in small town Oklahoma. I’m a guy, but a lot of the emotions around new love, unrequited love, and rejection hit themes that were core experiences during my growing up years.

Taylor has really been reamed in the media for her transparency in her song-writing. As an improviser, this is what I admire most – and something I believe highly correlates with her success. She is extremely skilled at expressing emotions, frustrations, and situations that are common to many because she is brave enough to spill her guts on the page. “Shake it Off” from her latest album is clearly another example of Taylor bravely choosing vulnerability around her insecurities to hook us in with our own insecurities.

I hope to honor the art of improv in the same way. Some of my proudest moments onstage were the times when my character was barely a thin veil over my deepest pain, my greatest fear, my darkest thoughts. Thanks, Taylor, for the inspiration. And if you ever want to take an improv class in Houston, it’s on me.