Houston Improv Festival 2015 Submissions are now LIVE and our headliner announced!

Submit!Submissions have now opened for Houston Improv Festival 2015 (#HIF2015), soliciting improvisational theater groups from all over the globe to come to Houston April 16-19 for the big show.  Each year we pride ourselves on showcasing a diverse sampling of the improv universe.  We look forward each year to hearing from groups we’ve worked with in the past and seeing new groups for the first time.

This year, in addition to granting performers a great performance slot and a performer pass to all the shows during the festival, we will also be putting up out of town groups at the official festival hotel for a night.  It’s a great opportunity for groups to perform in front of great audiences, enjoy great improv, and have terrific time in our wonderful city.

Submissions are open from November 1, 2014 through midnight on January 1st.  It only costs $25 to submit a team.

Do you know of a great group who we should hear about?  Make sure they let us know by hitting our submissions form at http://houstonimprovfestival.com/submissions.


Jimmy Carrane’s a nerd, and he’s coming to Houston

Jimmy CarraneHeadlining the festival in 2015 is Jimmy Carrane, host of The Improv Nerd Podcast and author of Improvising Better: A Guide to the Working Improviser.  

Jimmy was recently seen in the films LOL and Public Enemies with Johnny Depp. His other film and TV credits include The Playboy ClubERNatural Born KillersEarly EditionThe UntouchablesStash and Tapioca.

He was also an original member of The Annoyance Theater, Armando at iO Chicago and was a member of Carl and The Passions and Burning Desires.

He has performed in some of Chicago’s most innovative and ground-breaking long-form improv shows, such as Jazz Freddy and Naked (a two-person one-hour improvised scene with MAD TV’s Stephanie Weir.)

His other theater & improv credits include: I’m 27, I Still Live at Home and Sell Office Supplies, Godshow, Every Old Man,Living in Dwarf’s House and Summer Rentalat The Second City, e.t.c.

We are very excited about bringing Jimmy to town.  I personally have taken workshops with Jimmy in Chicago and at Out of Bounds in Austin.  He’s an artist, and he brought out some of my best work in the classes I took.  Jimmy will also be recording an episode of his Improv Nerd Podcast while he is in town.  We are still finalizing the details on who his guest will be, but we are sure it will be a show you won’t want to miss.



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