History Under the Influence

History Under the Influence promo shot

Inspired by the popular series Drunk History, a group of sober improvisers try to keep up with an extremely drunk narrator in “History Under the Influence.”   The troupe narrator, Kevin, spends a couple of hours before the show getting completely hammered, and then stumbles onstage and asks the audience for a historical event they’d like to see performed. The resulting re-enactment is insane, hilarious, and occasionally accurate.   History Under the Influence started at the Hideout Theatre in May 2014, and recently celebrated their 30th show. They have performed at improv festivals in Alaska, Florida, Rhode Island, Finland, Estonia, and Holland.


When he’s not shit-faced, narrator Kevin Miller has performed, coached, and taught improv in Austin, Texas for over 14 years. He is the dean of the Merlin Works Institute of Improvisation at the ZACH Theatre in downtown Austin.