HIF – Chicago Closing out iO on Clark

iO Chicago on ClarkLast night after seeing some shows and having a few beers at Chemically Imbalanced Comedy, I went to the iO closing party. The Blake Shelton concert had ended, but North Clark was still buzzing like a bees nest in July. The line to get in was stretched south all the way down the block.

I ran into Chris Fair of The Laser Improv Show and to my delight, Houstonian Kat Moon. Kat was up for the weekend celebrating her birthday (and visiting Chris, apparently). Who knew the Houston Improv Festival was such a hotbed of romance?

Robert Price was in the line about 20 people back. Robert was in Guns for Hire in this year’s festival. He is up in Chicago for the next six weeks taking the inaugural iO summer intensive at the new location on Kingsbury.

Saurabh Pande of Torpedo Soldier and Glaundor (HIF 2013) also managed to snag a spot in line.

Once we finally got in the doors I ran into Cam Dupre and Trevor Dowd of The Executive Branch. Cam and I tried to do a shot, but the bar was almost out of everything. I found Joe Bill upstairs. He had mercy on me and bought me a beer. Thankfully they were out of “white trash beer” so he ended up getting me a Great Plains amber which was quite tasty.

I also ran into an old friend from my Massive Improv days – Caleb George. Caleb was a member of UH’s team Scatter! back in the late ’00s. Caleb performed with the group at Massive’s Improv Smorgasbord, predecessor to HIF, in Feb. 2007. Caleb now heads CSz Chicago’s conservatory. I also had the pleasure of seeing him in “Hitchcock Tales” over at the Annoyance on Friday night.

All in all, the party closing down Clark street was a great celebration of the storied history of iO and a time of great reunions for this improviser. Looking forward to coming up to Chicago in the near future to celebrate with this great community at iO’s new space!