Flirt Reynolds

flirt_cover_photoFlirt Reynolds is Max Holkan, Brendon Duran, and Vic Shuttee. These professional improvisers take the stage with nothing more than a single word from the audience and create a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the perfect balance of smarts and hearts. Flirt Reynolds has trained all over the country including, The Second City, UCB, iO Theatre and ComedySportz Houston. Max graduated with a BFA in 2015 and loves to play bass. Vic writes for the Houston Press and also plays at CSZ Houston with the rest of the Flirt boys. Brendon likes talking politics and is willing to debate ANYTHING with you. Flirt has performed in LA, gone on tours of Texas and played just about every theater in Houston. Flirt Reynolds has been described as “Kickass” “Hilarious”, and “Four amateur philosophers I’d want to get a beer with.”