DUO DISCOVERY – How to pack a stage with just two people

Unleash your ability to listen, discover characters, and construct worlds with just you, yourself and another person!  This duo bootcamp works to strip away hesitancy and build the confidence it takes to take the stage as two!

Workshop Reservations


Workshop is May 1, 9-11am

Kelly Vrooman

KellyVroomanKelly Vrooman got her start as the first Live host of The Sunny Side Up Show on Sprout. She is the star of The Chica Show on Sprout/NBC Kids and the face of national spots for Bounty, Microsoft, Comcast, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and more! Kelly has created comedy content for LAFF TV and is a featured comedian for YouTube’s Equals Three. Her writing has been featured in The Huffington Post and Women’s Heath and her improv duo with Lauren Pritchard (MadTV) took the iOWest Main Stage Cage Match by storm this year. Kelly’s improv style is a playful and fearless mashup of all she’s learned from UCB, iO, Comedy Sportz, Miles Stroth, and watching people on the bus like a creeper.