Dianah Dulany – Co-Producer

Dianah DulanyDianah Dulany, a native Texan, has worked as a professional improvisor and instructor for over 27 years. From the time she was 4 years old, she knew she wanted to be an entertainer when she grew up. In her early 20’s, she discovered improv comedy, and realized she could live her dream and would never have to grow up at all!

Dianah began her improv career in New York City after receiving a BFA in acting from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas and an MFA in theater management from Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri. She lived and worked in NYC for four years, learning valuable life lessons as well as how to do a killer New York accent.

Producing the Children’s Theater Program at Melody Top (an outdoor regional theater) brought her to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1986. When that summer gig ended, she accepted the position of General Manager of Theater Tesseract, a non-profit theater company in Milwaukee. Working 60 to 80 hour days in theater management, Dianah kept her sanity by performing with ComedySportz Milwaukee where she flourished as a performer and instructor.

In 1990, she was offered the opportunity to open her own CSz club, and brought ComedySportz to Houston. Now celebrating 23 years, ComedySportz is Houston’s longest running show, and lists over 45 local actors on its roster. Dianah continues to perform weekly at CSz Houston, the entity that produces ComedySportz, and is the Producer and Artistic Director of the company.

Honing her improv skills is a passion, and she has studied under Dick Chudnow (founder of ComedySportz), Keith Johnstone (founder of Theatersports), Paul Sills (original director of Chicago’s The Second City), and Charna Halpern (co-founder of the ImprovOlympic, now known as The iO), among others.

She feels blessed to own her own business, perform weekly, and call Texas her home.

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