The Improv Workout

The Improv Workout

Great athletes aren’t born they are made. Lifting weights until the body aches.  Pushing to the limits of physical endurance.  Practicing over and over until every move on the field is instinctual and automatic.

Like when you first learned to drive.  You had to think about which pedal your foot was on.  You had to concentrate on what your hands were doing and you constantly had to check your speed and whether you were staying in the dotted lines.  After years of driving all of those things take care of themselves.

Improv is the same.  We start with head knowledge of what to do and when to do it, but it takes practice.  We take classes and then find that all of our learning goes out the window that first time we are on stage.  We need to get the fundamentals into muscle memory so we can free our minds to focus on being in the moment.

That’s what this class is about.  Each week will focus on a particular skill and use focused exercises in multiple reps with specific feedback to hone in and stretch that muscle until it glimmers like a greek god’s marble skin on a bright Spring morning.

All levels of improvisers are welcome.  Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes that allow you to move freely and be active.  Bring a water bottle.

Todd Boring has been acting and improvising for 20 years and teaching long-form improv since 2005.


Workouts on hiatus until January 2015