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September Shows

Labor day has past, school’s back in session and the Houston traffic is burgeoning. September is here, ladies and lads, and there is no better way to celebrate than a night or two of improv comedy. Here’s what’s going on in the Houston Improv Scene this month. Beta Theater Beta’s Standup Comedy bracket continues this month at MKT Bar on… Read more →

Robin Williams

An ode to Robin Williams

Robin – I miss you already:  your brilliance, your vivacity, your smile.  I remember the character, Mork, from my childhood.  I remember laughing at the weird character with the suspenders.  I didn’t think much more of it at the time. I’ve been a big improv fan since the late 80s.  I loved Whose Line is it Anyway all through the… Read more →

Jimmy Carrane

The Art of Slow Comedy Intensive

If you aren’t a follower of the Improv Nerd podcast, I highly recommend it.  Jimmy Carrane has been improvising since God was a boy, and his podcast is always interesting and insightful. Sunday morning I woke up and caught the 9:30am train into the city, hoping to get a spot in Jimmy Carrane’s Art of Slow Comedy Intensive.  I tried to… Read more →

iO Chicago on Clark

HIF – Chicago Closing out iO on Clark

Last night after seeing some shows and having a few beers at Chemically Imbalanced Comedy, I went to the iO closing party. The Blake Shelton concert had ended, but North Clark was still buzzing like a bees nest in July. The line to get in was stretched south all the way down the block. I ran into Chris Fair of… Read more →

The Improvised Shakespeare Company

HIF – Chicago day three

After three days in Chicago, my first time to actually see some improv was Friday night.  Day two was spend hanging out riding bicycles in the glorious Chicago July weather with my brother-in-law and having some excellent beers and food at Emmetts on Thursday night.  Nothing HIF blog-worthy, though Emmett’s Imerial Pilsner was definitely the most flavorful Pils I’ve ever… Read more →


HIF – Chicago day one

This week I’m up in Chicago doing some recon for the festival next year.  Flew in to Midway yesterday evening and after some confusion over a mix up around airports (my in-laws thought I was flying into O’Hare), my brother-in-law and I headed into town to grab a few beers and see if I could slip into the TJ and… Read more →

Jimmy Carrane

Performance Shame

I’ve recently become a big fan of the “Improv Nerd” podcast.  If you are an improvisational theater fan, or a performer I’d highly recommend you check it out. Jimmy Carrane is the host of the podcast and he recently posted the linked blog post on performance shame.  This is something I think we all struggle with as performers – we… Read more →

Houston Improv Festival

What do I do until the next Festival in 2015?!?

The Houston Improv Festival showcases a ton of great improvised comedy, but hey, that’s only one weekend a year.  Well there are several great improv comedy theaters in town where you can get your fix. Beta Theater: Beta plays host to stand-up, sketch and improvised comedy acts from Houston and beyond.  The group was founded by Jeromy Barber and holds performances… Read more →

Dianah Dulany

Dianah Dulany – Co-Producer

Dianah Dulany, a native Texan, has worked as a professional improvisor and instructor for over 27 years. From the time she was 4 years old, she knew she wanted to be an entertainer when she grew up. In her early 20’s, she discovered improv comedy, and realized she could live her dream and would never have to grow up at all!… Read more →