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TJ & Dave

TJ & Dave come to H-Town

The Houston Improv Festival in collaboration with BETA Theater and the Comedy Collective are ecstatic about bringing this phenomenal improv duo to Houston, TX.   With no discussion, no preplanning, TJ and Dave create rich characters, dialog, and plots in the moment — making it up a play on the spot, leaving audiences spell bound for the hour-long performance. TJ… Read more →


Houston Improv Festival 2015 Submissions are now LIVE and our headliner announced!

Submissions have now opened for Houston Improv Festival 2015 (#HIF2015), soliciting improvisational theater groups from all over the globe to come to Houston April 16-19 for the big show.  Each year we pride ourselves on showcasing a diverse sampling of the improv universe.  We look forward each year to hearing from groups we’ve worked with in the past and seeing… Read more →

‘Yes, And’ Philosophy

The cardinal rule of improvisational theater is “yes, and…” – in other words, I say yes to what I’m given, and then add my own unique ideas to keep the scene moving forward.   For example, I enter a scene and my partner says, “Our son has locked himself in the airplane restroom again!”  I say “yes” to that statement by… Read more →

A MATCH for Houston

For this blog post I want to deviate a bit from the Improv theme and talk about what I think is the most exciting development in the Houston arts scene since I moved here in 1996:  the Midtown Arts and Theater Center Houston (MATCH).  This facility is an arts complex designed specifically for mid-sized and emerging arts organizations in Houston… Read more →

September Shows

Labor day has past, school’s back in session and the Houston traffic is burgeoning. September is here, ladies and lads, and there is no better way to celebrate than a night or two of improv comedy. Here’s what’s going on in the Houston Improv Scene this month. Beta Theater Beta’s Standup Comedy bracket continues this month at MKT Bar on… Read more →