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Oh yeah, there’s also Workshops!

Sometimes in the midst of promoting all our great shows, we forget to mention our workshops. This year we have a terrific selection of intensives for the experienced improviser, as well as ones covering the basics of characters and scenes.   We are also excited this year to offer some non-standard fare with dialects, stage combat, and even one on… Read more →

Improvised Singing

WORKSHOP CANCELED The improvised singing workshop will focus on teaching how to incorporate songs in to an improvised musical set. The class will get a 101 style breakdown of stereotypical songs found in musicals and help layout a formula that can help improvisors understand themes and ideas that will be helpful when making up songs on the spot. There will… Read more →

The Scene Master Class

Discussing environmental work, character point of view, and emotional stakes, we get inside the world of the two person scene. We’ll focus on creating more realistic, more interesting, and more theatrical scenes for long form improvisation.   Workshop is Saturday, April 30, from 2:30-5:30pm. Michael BrunLieb Michael Brunlieb is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He’s been improvising in Chicago since 2007. He… Read more →

The Character Master Class

Creating rich and unique characters is one of our favorite elements of improv! We’d like to explore what kind of characters you have inside yourself and take an in depth look at how characters are created in the moment of a scene. Focus will be on discovering details, point of view, and physicality to allow for a framework where you… Read more →

Sand Immersive Workshop

An in depth look into what the members of Sand have worked on for their six years together in Chicago. Sand’s approach to character is distinctive for its three dimensionality. Feeling out the tone of a scene, character development,  spacial and physical awareness will be covered. In addition, Sand will discuss and teach their form which uses monologues, character interaction,… Read more →


This workshop will help you find your character guts. So you can play outside of yourself, not just a wacky voice. You will learn to give gifts to your fellow improvisers, jump into multiple characters, and dig into those relationships to bring joy to the stage by playing together. Get character guts! Great for gal improvisers who get stuck playing… Read more →