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After 4 days of shows, workshops and parties, #HIF2016 is finally done.  Thanks to everyone who braved the stormy weather, the thick traffic and the never ending construction to join us for some of the best improvised comedy shows in our 5 year history.  The energy and generosity of our audience this year was infectious.  Time and time again performers… Read more →

HIF 2016 in Pictures

George Lusk

The Festival Thus Far

If you missed the hilarious comedy over the last two nights, you still have one more opportunity TONIGHT. Here are some highlights of what has happened so far: T & A performed the knockout punch in the opening show of the festival to win the Beta Bracket Duos competition, taking home $1500. Can’t Tell us Nothing wrapped up Thursday night… Read more →


MATCH is the Place

The last few weeks I’ve been crawling around backstage @MATCHouston.  I can hardly wait until Thursday to show it off to our audience and our performers.  As improvisers most of us are used to performing in a poorly lit corner of the backside of some bar room.  The MATCH is state of the art, an intimate setting with comfortable seating.… Read more →

Oh yeah, there’s also Workshops!

Sometimes in the midst of promoting all our great shows, we forget to mention our workshops. This year we have a terrific selection of intensives for the experienced improviser, as well as ones covering the basics of characters and scenes.   We are also excited this year to offer some non-standard fare with dialects, stage combat, and even one on… Read more →

Beta Theater

Beta Bracket Duos finalists announced!

The challenge is ON! The finalists for the 2016 Beta Bracket Duos Championship have been chosen:   Outside Skin – Cody Dale Edgar and Ned Gayle T & A – Tandiwe Kone and Amy Grisbee Amazon Pygmy – Shannan Scarselletta and Billy Trim   This year the festival opens with the BETA Bracket Improv Duos finals. For the last 12… Read more →


Glaundor formed out of the University of Houston, winning the College Improv Tournament in 2013. Upon graduating, the boys of Glaundor spread themselves through out the continental United States. Now the group does shows at various festivals and special occasions, like that one time when Kevin got married.   Glaundor uses a form called the Monoscene, in which all characters stay… Read more →

What About a Reuben!!?

Bre Forkes and Colin Stanley have been performing together for four years in Denver and formed their duo What About A Reuben!!? (WAAR) in 2014. WAAR uses a station that randomly selects background music to inspire their performance.     The duo created the Denver improv competition show Ke-Mo Sah-Bee in November of 2014 and they continue to produce and host… Read more →


T&A burst onto the Houston improv comedy scene in 2013. Tandiwe Kone, a native Houstonian and Amy Grisbee, a native of Essex Junction, Vermont met at an improv intensive held byThe New Movement Theater in the summer of 2012. Their styles were very complimentary and they enjoyed playing together immensly. After playing with other troupes, they decided to form T&A.… Read more →



This two-gal sketch show is inspired by a real life “Relationship Red Flag” provided by an audience member. LAURELLY then launches the audience through a whirlwind roller coaster of story lines and crazy characters. One minute, they may be playing a sweet father/daughter scene, and the next minute they’re playing every member of a high school band marching to halt… Read more →