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Spotlight on: The Mockumentalists

The Mocumentalists make all sorts of documentaries: biographies, phenomenal investigations, event coverage, war correspondence, success stories, educational programs, etc. If it is a noun, they can do a show about it. The Mockumentalists have been performing together with each other for over 2 years and continue to fine tune their format. Their format combines aspects of a narrative with other… Read more →

Spotlight on: Extended Play

 Extended Play is a Houston team that uses music to inspire it’s scenes and shows.  We asked them the following questions:   If your troupe were a comic or sci-fi team, what would be your universe? Cenobites   What is your origin story? We don’t know how we came to be in this group. We simply awoke to find ourselves… Read more →

Spotlight on: Standards

Standards is a long-form improv troupe hailing from Houston, Texas that features the talents of Kelly Juneau, Katy Manning, Jim Meyers, Christopher Oddo, and Bret Whitacre. Standards has performed at Trill Comedy Festival, The New Movement Megaphone Marathons in Austin, as well as at the Hideout Theatre in Austin. While the members of Standards went through similar improv training, they… Read more →

Spotlight on: Flirt Reynolds

Flirt Reynolds is what happens when four theatre majors get together and do improv. Collectively, they have trained and played at such theaters as iO, CSz Houston, Second City, University of Houston, and UCB Hollywood. We have also reached out past Houston playing at the Out of Bounds Comedy Fest, Hideout Theatre, and the College Improv Tournament. We love to… Read more →

Spotlight on: Baby Knuckle

Baby Knuckle is a four man longform improv comedy troupe out of Houston, Texas. Together they will form a completely improvised 20-30 minute Harold-esque playground, kicking it off with an organic free form opening and exploring that connected universe with richer than rich characters that you care for and fear, stories you must hear, and laughs your belly craves. Nothing… Read more →

Spotlight on: History Under the Influence

Inspired by the popular series Drunk History, a group of sober improvisers try to keep up with extremely drunk narrator Kevin Miller in “History Under the Influence.” Previous performances have ranged from the moon landing to Lewis & Clark to Anthony & Cleopatra, but thanks to the drunken ramblings of the liberal-arts-educated narrator, they rapidly veer into true insanity.  … Read more →

Spotlight on: Ophelia’s Rope

Ophelia’s Rope is a two-person long form improv group that takes its inspiration from you. That’s right, you. A typical show is kicked off by Ophelia’s Rope asking its audience one or two random questions, proceeding to morph the answers into a setting, plot, and duo of unexpected, and sometimes quirky, characters. With no story predicted, no ending forecasted, Ophelia’s… Read more →

Beta Theater

Spotlight on: Max

Beta Theater was established in 2013 with the core value of incubating world class talent in Houston. Right out of the gate they formed Max, a house improv troupe gathering some of the strongest performers in town.   We asked Max the following questions:   If your troupe were a comic or sci-fi team, what would be your universe? I think… Read more →