Bummed about missing Kevin McDonald

Kevin McDonaldI was up in Chicago last weekend geeking out in Improv Mecca when CSz Houston left me a voice message saying that Kevin McDonald’s workshop this weekend in Houston (July 26) had been canceled.  Initially I was relieved to have my money back.  With all the great craft brews in Chicago, I was drinking through money like it was water.

Then today I read this great write up on a workshop Kevin taught last weekend in Denver by Sarah Sansoni.  Inspired after working with Mr. McDonald,
Sarah says:

Comedy is art to me and no matter what kind of art you are making it should be filled with intention and intention turns into point of view. You fill things with intention and point of view by being an interesting person and having beliefs and knowledge about the world…

I fully agree.  And I’m sad that I missed the opportunity to learn more of this art form from Kevin McDonald.  Hopefully Dianah will get us Houston folks another chance to work with him in the not-to-distant future.