Beta Bracket Duos finalists announced!

Beta Bracket DuosThe challenge is ON! The finalists for the 2016 Beta Bracket Duos Championship have been chosen:
  • Outside Skin – Cody Dale Edgar and Ned Gayle
  • T & A – Tandiwe Kone and Amy Grisbee
  • Amazon Pygmy – Shannan Scarselletta and Billy Trim
This year the festival opens with the BETA Bracket Improv Duos finals. For the last 12 weeks, 24 improv teams of two (Duos) have been competing on Thursday nights for the honor of facing off in the finals at the Houston Improv Festival and $2000 in cash prizes.

For this show you will see the last three teams still standing in a final no-holds barred competition. The audience will vote to determine which group wins the honor of being the Beta Bracket champion!

You must be in the theater when the show begins to receive a ballot, and you must see the entire show to submit your ballot for counting. BETA is very strict about the ballots, so please arrive early.

This is going to be a great showdown, and you get to pick the winner! Get your seat HERE!
Show is at 7pm, Thursday night, April 28th.