Adrian & Adrien – Houston TX

Adrian & Adrien

Adrian and Adrien are an improv duo out of Houston, TX and their show ranges from exploring the depths of abandoned yachts and abandoned feelings, to frivolously eating French food on the Riviera, and everything in between. Every now and then they’ll drop some SAT words like cutaneous, or sesquipedalian.

One part Adrian Frimpong, one part Adrien Pellerin, Adrian and Adrien put on a show that is only borne from half-attempted psychology tracks and film/computer science double majors. Frimpong and Pellerin started improvising together in the fall of 2009 with Rice University’s improv troupe, Spontaneous Combustion. They started writing and producing video sketches in 2010 under the moniker “ToCaYo Brothers.” In 2012, they learned that several people didn’t know Tocayo was Spanish for “name-sake,” Spanish speakers included. Thus, the duo reemployed “Adrian and Adrien”.

Jumping back and forth between human characters, animal characters, past and present, glorious vistas and cramped submarines, Adrian and Adrien find some sort of theme in each of their shows, and explore it as far as they can take it. But mostly they just have a crazy amount of fun.